About Shangri La Capital

Shangri La Capital is a hedge fund and asset management firm located in the Cayman Islands.

Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by offering tailored, results-oriented solutions that meet their specific needs.


We believe blockchain and digital assets are finding strategic grounds in the investment space as they become poised for a more regulated and stable presence in the global markets.


Shangri La Capital was formed with a vision to help our clients invest in the developing and fast-rising digital currency world through a clear understanding of market conditions, long term global trends and investment opportunities while providing secure and cutting edge services to achieve our clients specific investment objectives.


Our investment decisions are based on an in-depth and intricate understanding of market decisions.


Deep-rooted in market fundamental research we offer our investors and client base an easy on ramp access to the most promising, disruptive technologies, and projects within the blockchain space.

Shangri La Capital